Lullaby Lamb Storybook and Pink Lullaby Lamb


8″ Hardcover Original Watercolor Storybook by Kaylene Neslen

8″ Lullaby Lamb Stuffed animal

The words inside are lyrics to an original lullaby written by Kaylene Neslen and arranged by Ron Saltmarsh.

Sheet music is included.

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Introducing “Lullaby Lamb Paints the Barn” — a whimsical storybook that enchants both young and old with its tale of nighttime wonder. Join Lullaby lamb on a journey of soothing creativity as sleepy stars, wispy clouds, and whispered wishes are painted all around the barn. The soft strokes of imagination transform the ordinary into a dreamy, tranquil haven for then baby animals nestled inside.

Every page is woven with lyrical verses of an original lullaby written by Grandma Kaylene.Both the reader and listener are carried away where dreams come alive through art and music.

To accompany the story, Grandma Kaylene has custom-designed a Lullaby lamb stuffed animal. This cuddly animal, with its soothing music box, makes the story come alive. Children can hold their own Lullaby Lamb while listening to the melody that mirrors the journey on the pages. Lullaby Lamb is available on this site as well.

Designed to create a bedtime of treasured moments, this heartwarming tale transforms the barn into a haven of dream and lullabies..


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