Bedtime is the Best Time

Explore the world of PJ Pig and Friends.

Hi! I’m Kaylene, better known as Grandma. I designed Past’ur Bedtime Pals to help parents make bedtime with their child calm and special. Snuggling up together with a soft friend and a story can become the best time of your day!

Having eleven grandchildren, I understand the emotional connection children establish with a stuffed animal.

This connection is what has inspired my stories and stuffed animal designs. My hope is that every Past’ure Bedtime Pal will provide comfort, companionship and restful reassurance for children at bedtime.

My illustrated stories take place on Cozy Farms, where children can relate to the animals’ personalities.

Important topics such as messiness, bullying, shyness and talents are explored to help foster learning and prompt healthy discussions.

Join me in my journey to ensure that Bedtime is the Best Time – in your life and your child’s as well.

Inventor Of PJ Pig
PJ Pig Motto


PJ Pig is such a fun book for all my kids, ages 1.5 to 8.! I love that the book brings
up all the messes that happen daily in our home! My kids can relate to his excuses and
ultimately see that picking up the messes helps himself and everyone around!
Do yourself a favor and buy a stuffy for each kid, they will fight to snuggle and love on him!!We LOVE PJ Pig!

Can’t get enough of PJ Pig!

My family can’t get enough of PJ Pig! As a licensed therapist, and mother of 3 busy-busy boys, I am always on the look-out for interactive methods to teach valuable life skills. PJ Pig is a cute and cuddly story about a young farm pig who experiences difficult predicaments and problems because of his disorganization. Through the story PJ Pig playfully introduces to kids the value of being organized. As a licensed therapist, I appreciate teaching young children the value of organization as it creates a structure of consistency, predictability, and ultimately a security for kids.
As we teach young kid’s methods of organization, we help them experience and learn how to create feelings of calm in their own lives.

Valuable Experience For My Kids

I love the PJ Pig package. Reading a story about a character that can be held and snuggled with at the same time makes the entire experience fun and engaging. The PJ Pig stuffy is adorable, soft and the story adds a great personality. He is a great addition to my stuffy-loving ten-year old’s collection. Sure, PJ Pig has to learn the value of cleanliness, but don’t we all. And being part pf PJ Pigs journey is a valuable experience for my kids and me. Looking forward to snuggling with PJ while listening to his story makes bedtime a little less painful and even fun.

PJ Pig Has Helped

My seven- year old son is quite the stuffy lover. PJ Pig has been the best addition to his stuffy collection. He is not only soft and cuddly but comes with an adorable story about cleaning up our messes.
Crue often makes messes but doesn’t always clean them up. PJ Pig has helped him remember to not be so messy. A stuffy that is oh so cute and gives positive reinforcement, I call that a parent/child win.

A Learning Tool and a Friend

As a professional organizer in Colorado, I absolutely LOVE PJ Pig. This loveable character is both a learning tool, and a friend for kids who are learning to keep their space clean. I especially love that PJ is relatable and funny with a simple story kids will remember. I work with moms and families across Colorado to create beautifully organized spaces. PJ helps by teaching my youngest clients WHY cleanliness and organization is important. As he sits on their bed or in their newly-cleaned room, PJ provides an adorable ongoing reminder to help kids learn these important life skills.