Hi! I’m Kaylene, better known as Grandma. I designed Past’ur Bedtime Pals to help parents make bedtime with their child calm and special. Snuggling up together with a soft friend and a story can become the best time of your day!

Having eleven grandchildren, I understand the emotional connection children establish with a stuffed animal.

This connection is what has inspired my stories and stuffed animal designs.  My hope is that every Past’ure Bedtime Pal will provide comfort, companionship and restful reassurance for children at bedtime.

My illustrated stories take place on Cozy Farms, where children can relate to the animals’ personalities.

Important topics such as messiness, bullying, shyness and talents are explored to help foster learning and prompt healthy discussions.

Join me in my journey to ensure that Bedtime is the Best Time – in your life and your child’s as well.

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“Bedtime is the Best Time”

A calm and special bedtime will come naturally with Past’ur Bedtime Pals’ fun stories and cuddly farm stuffies.

Routines will be established and before you know it, everyone will agree that


“Bedtime is the Best Time!”


Farm animals have sentimental value to me.

My dad’s family owned a dairy farm and my mom’s family farmed on the Nevada prairie.

Emotional bonding with a pet happens because of an animal’s ability to love unconditionally.  

We all need unconditional love, and I have felt it with all the pets I’ve had in my life.

My desire is to extend this unconditional love and see children bond with Past’ur Bedtime Pals.

I’m the designer, writer and illustrator.

Curtis, my son and Brandi are the behind the scenes making it all happen.

Grandkids. They are the reason, inspiration, and cuteness behind the cameras.

For a free Print-out of PJ Pig’s bedtime routine, click on the link below: